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Alexandra Cousin and Justine Meyer have known each other for many years. Both of them have chosen to focus their careers in one of the major sectors of notarial law: family law. As the years went by, they exchanged and learnt a lot from each other. Therefore, they came up with the same conclusion: beyond a deep mutual respect, they also share an identical conception of the profession and the same corporate values. Thus, their joint installation project saw the light of day, a project which was made possible in 2018 through the appointment of Alexandra as public notary of an office which was created in Paris.

Etude 352 was created on June 5th, 2018. Two major areas are highlighted: family law, an area of expertise of its founders, and real estate law, supported by a competent and committed team that shares their vision.

A human-scale structure, Etude 352 offers notarial expertise, proximity and quality and effectively responds to a demanding clientele, all in compliance with the rules of ethics and fellowship.

In a constantly changing economic world, the office commits to working in complete transparency and inform its clients of the issues involved in every single file, to respect its commitments in regard to deadlines and guide its customers towards the search for well-founded agreements, but also on the requirements of each party of the contract.

Etude 352 is in keeping with the times and also offers its clients a modern environment, which is open to new technologies, but also a young and dedicated team, appreciated for its responsiveness and the quality of the advice and follow-up provided.

Divided into four departments (family, real estate, judicial missions and administration), the team of initially five employees is now made up of around twenty people.

Our different areas
of expertise

Family Law

Civil union, marriages, divorces or inheritances, Etude 352 accompanies its clients through important stages of their family life.

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Real-estate law

Whether it’s an acquisition or a sale, Etude 352 offers its expertise to its clients for all their real estate transactions.

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Judicial missions

Etude 352 seeks the most appropriate solutions to effectively resolve the complex cases it is entrusted with.

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Private International Law

Etude 352 relies on its skills and network to properly advise its international clients.

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Certification & legalization

Etude 352 supports its clients through all their administrative procedures with various government agencies.

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Our team
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