The administrative department is the link between the various services at the Etude 352.

The entire Etude gives great importance to welcoming clients and wants everyone to feel secure. Therefore, the switchboard is managed by a caring and attentive person who knows how to quickly inform clients or guide them to the right person.

Moreover, the mission of Etude 352 does not come to an abrupt stop once the notary’s signature has been affixed to the authentic deed. The conclusion of the deed is followed by accounting work which intends to settle any rights due to the State as well as send the sums due to the latter and the clients.

Following which, the file is processed by the formalists who publish the mortgage deeds and register them with the competent tax department. This work is essential to guarantee the safety of acts.

Our team
The administrative department

Christelle Elie

Switchboard and reception, Christelle is the initial contact, reliable and pleasant, of Etude 352’s clients.

Laure Vacher

Laure ensures stamp duties and the accounting follow-up of the files. She also supports the Etude in its development (administrative and financial management, human resources).