Each project, whether it is a real estate acquisition, the creation of a business or even a wedding, triggers questions of a personal and family nature.

Etude 352 supports its clients through these important stages of their lives. The Etude takes the time to get to know each of them, the latter can guide them towards the best union, anticipate their needs for protection or transmission of assets and help them come out of a difficult ordeal like a separation or an inheritance.

Specialized in international law, the firm can also meet the expectations of its clients residing abroad, of foreign nationality or with assets that are abroad.

Our different areas
of expertise

Family Law

Civil union, marriages, divorces or inheritances, Etude 352 accompanies its clients through important stages of their family life.

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Real-estate law

Whether it’s an acquisition or a sale, Etude 352 offers its expertise to its clients for all their real estate transactions.

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Judicial missions

Etude 352 seeks the most appropriate solutions to effectively resolve the complex cases it is entrusted with.

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Private International Law

Etude 352 relies on its skills and network to properly advise its international clients.

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Certification & legalization

Etude 352 supports its clients through all their administrative procedures with various government agencies.

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