Etude 352 seeks the most suitable solutions to effectively resolve the complex cases entrusted to it.

With great rigor, the team of the Legal missions department draws on its expertise and solid legal knowledge to meet the requirements of legal proceedings and, when possible, support each of the parties in a litigation file towards the most likely solutions. to resolve their conflicting situation.

Our team
The Legal Missions department

Alexandra Cousin
Associate Notary

Specialized in divorce law, Alexandra accompanies couples in the ordeal of separation in terms of property and helps them organize their new private and family life. Her experience in these areas allows her to take a relevant look while choosing the right marriage contract or the effectiveness of the terms of a will.

Camille Millet

An eager and attentive notary, Camille specializes in family law and mainly in the processing of legal missions of divorces and successions.

Pauline Denève

A clerk specialised in family law, Pauline contributes to the analysis and preparation of legal cases such as inheritance and divorce which require real technical expertise.