A human scale structure, Etude offers a notary of expertise, proximity and quality to respond effectively to a demanding clientele, all in compliance with the rules of ethics and fellowship.

Our team
Our notaries

Alexandra Cousin
Associate Notary

Specialized in divorce law, Alexandra accompanies couples in the ordeal of separation in terms of property and helps them organize their new private and family life. Her experience in these areas allows her to take a relevant look while choosing the right marriage contract or the effectiveness of the terms of a will.

Justine Meyer
Associate Notary

Bilingual in English and specialized in private international law, Justine is able to assist an international clientele to organize their assets, but also anticipate and optimize their inheritance. She also accompanies couples in the search for an amicable separation.

Camille Millet

An eager and attentive notary, Camille specializes in family law and mainly in the processing of legal missions of divorces and successions.

Florent Delphin

Notary in charge of the real estate service, Florent puts his skills acquired within the notary profession for ten years at the disposal of clients who are individuals, developers and real estate investors.

Our clerks

Laura Bellego

As an associate in real estate law, Laura assists the firm’s clients in all their projects: purchase, sale, financing.

Juliette Berrehouc

Attentive and committed, Juliette assists the Etude’s clients in amicable divorces, but also for inheritance and donation files.

Pauline Denève

A clerk specialised in family law, Pauline contributes to the analysis and preparation of legal cases such as inheritance and divorce which require real technical expertise.

Clemence Dutheil

An associate in divorce and inheritance law, Clémence assists Alexandra Cousin in in the legal assignments department.

Christelle Elie

Switchboard and reception, Christelle is the initial contact, reliable and pleasant, of Etude 352’s clients.

Faustine Hascoët

Clerk within the real estate department, Faustine is attentive and efficient. She accompanies her clients through rigor in all their sales, acquisition or financing projects.

Pauline Hirsch

Attentive and available, Pauline accompanies her clients in all their family projects: drafting and following-up of acts in family law, mainly divorces and inheritances.

Inès Meghachi

Inès is an associate in the Wealth Management department, assisting the firm’s clients with divorce, inheritance and donation.

Amélia Mouaouya

Associate in family law, Amélia collaborates with Justine Meyer in order to properly support private clients in the context of family transactions such as donations, marriage contracts or even divorces and inheritances.

Arielle Ricouvier

A graduate notary, Arielle sets client relationship as the heart of all the family law files she manages, whether it concerns the liquidation of assets of a separating couple or an inheritance family transmission project.

Shyrel Sabbagh

Shyrel assists lawyers who call upon Etude 352 for the filing of divorce agreements through mutual consent. She also supports individual clients in their family projects and individuals or companies that require signature certification by a notary.

Laure Vacher

Laure ensures stamp duties and the accounting follow-up of the files. She also supports the Etude in its development (administrative and financial management, human resources).

Antoine Venneugues

A rigorous collaborator and attentive to clients who seek advice in family law, Antoine leans on a human and transparent approach, to achieve legally effective solutions.