Private international law mainly determines which law is applicable to a legal situation, involving two or more States and which require applying foreign legislation (examples: property located abroad, residence abroad, etc.)

One is often unaware of the fact that the place of marriage celebration doesn’t make an impact. On the other hand, the place of the first residence of the spouses after the marriage is a determining element of the law which is applicable to the matrimonial regime of the two spouses, even if they are both of French nationality.

Etude 352 desired to obtain a label in private international law (“Notary for international clients”) so that it can properly support all the clients of the Etude, as the latter may be concerned by the rules of two different national legal orders. The teams are trained to support and assist international clients, mainly for any asset transfer project in an international context, without forgetting to deal with the question of a possible double taxation.

Moreover, Etude 352 has an address book of competent foreign correspondents who are used to dealing with international clients. It is also able to recommend lawyers specializing in private international law.

The notaries and collaborators at the Etude will be able to assist foreign clients in English if need be.

Justine Meyer
Associate Notary