Etude 352 carries out notarial missions related to legal proceedings in family law.

The notary intervenes in several types of procedures depending on the judicial court. It can:

  • Be appointed at the request of clients in divorce proceedings, to establish a plan for the liquidation of the matrimonial property regime of the spouses,
  • Be entrusted with the analysis of the criteria that may justify the granting of a compensatory allowance,
  • Be appointed by the magistrate to analyze the joint possessions that exist between already divorced spouses, between civil union partners, between cohabitants or even between the heirs of an estate

Etude 352 has been carrying out such judicial missions for many years. Its expertise in the matter and its specialized team provide the parties with trained interlocutors, who are able to guide them and remind them of the procedural framework of these cases.

The designated notary and his team bring these files to life by receiving the parties and their lawyers through an initial meeting, the purpose of which is to discover the points of difficulty and to set a timetable to talk about the documents the notary requires. Following which, the appointed notary writes a draft report which is sent to the parties in order to get their observations. This project contains the calculation of the rights of each party and an analysis of their respective claims. Experience proves that drafting a costed and argued project on the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s claims, proves to be a valuable aid in negotiating with the opposing party and getting out of the litigation process.

With this draft report, the parties also receive a draft invoice which warns about the probable cost of the notary’s mission, to avoid being surprised when receiving the final invoice.

Etude 352 undertakes to help the parties reach an agreement during these missions. If unsuccessful, the appointed notary includes the additional documents and its observations in a second final draft, sent to the magistrate within the time limit set by the latter.

Our different areas
of expertise

Family Law

Civil union, marriages, divorces or inheritances, Etude 352 accompanies its clients through important stages of their family life.

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Real-estate law

Whether it’s an acquisition or a sale, Etude 352 offers its expertise to its clients for all their real estate transactions.

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Judicial missions

Etude 352 seeks the most appropriate solutions to effectively resolve the complex cases it is entrusted with.

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Private International Law

Etude 352 relies on its skills and network to properly advise its international clients.

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Certification & legalization

Etude 352 supports its clients through all their administrative procedures with various government agencies.

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