Founded by two notaries specializing in family law and mainly divorces, Etude 352 possesses a particular expertise in this field.

The analysis of the client’s financial situation is decisive right from the beginning of a divorce. It must be considered as soon as the separation seems inevitable. This is an opportunity to enlighten a spouse who is separating (or even both, the notary being able to act as counsel for both spouses) on the issues concerning the liquidation of their assets: what do their respective rights represent in the community, what is the economic conclusion of a regime of participation in acquisitions, what is there to liquidate in a separate estate system, how to invoke a claim against one’s spouse, what to do when one is associated with one’s spouse in an SCI, etc.

Etude 352 analyzes the legal situation right from the very first contact by reading the documents with the clients to guide them, warn them about the risks, reassure them about their guarantees and determine the steps that need to be taken to forge an agreement between the spouses or if the file is contentious, get through this ordeal in the most secure manner possible.

In a contentious separation file, the division of property is often postponed to the period following the divorce judgment. However, many precautions can be taken well in advance of the judgment in order to simplify the liquidation: for example, steps can be taken to gather evidence, to avoid any complications in future accounts.

This period is also an opportunity to analyze on how to rebuild a heritage without giving control to the former spouse: how to buy a new property without it depending on the former community, how to donate to your children without the spouse contesting the donation, etc.

Etude 352 accompanies its clients throughout the amicable divorce process right from the initial advice to the signing of the divorce documents which generally take place at the Etude, in a single session during which the spouses sign the divorce agreement drafted by their two lawyers and the liquidation of their matrimonial regime, at the same time.

The same support is offered to civil union partners and cohabitants who are trying to reach an agreement in regard to distributing their property.