Cohabitation is a situation that does not offer legal protection to the partner, and this can lead to painful legal consequences in the case of a separation. Conversely, partners and spouses undertake to live together and must provide material aid and mutual assistance in the case of difficulties.

The civil solidarity pact (PACS) can be concluded through a private deed which is registered at the town hall or by authentic deed with a notary. Visiting your notary to carry out a civil solidarity pact is an opportunity to take stock of your assets. Once the PACS has been registered, the latter is noted in the margin of the birth certificate of each of the partners along with the identity of the other partner.

Marriage is a legal union between two people, celebrated at the town hall. If the future spouses wish to conclude a marriage contract, they must call upon a notary. They will be asked to sign a contract during their wedding ceremony.

In order to find the most suitable protection for the couple, Etude 352 takes the time to explain the legal consequences of all forms of conjugality and to advise couples on the PACS scheme or the most suitable marriage contract.

The team also manages the question of the union’s dissolution by death.

Moreover, Etude 352 is able to support binational couples or couples planning to settle abroad. The Etude stands out in this area as it has obtained the “Notary for international clients” label, Etude 352 has an address book of foreign correspondents competent in family law and offers its clients an adapted analysis of their situation, which includes several countries or nationalities. It can also recommend lawyers specializing in international law.