The property investment company (SCI) is a solution which is regularly recommended by specialist wealth management magazines and isn’t always the most suitable one. Before embarking on the drafting of the statutes of an SCI, Etude 352 takes the time to listen and analyze the project of its clients (real estate acquisition as a couple, project of transmission of assets, etc.) in order to offer them the best option possible. If the SCI is selected, the notaries and specialized collaborators at the Etude are responsible for establishing company statutes which are in keeping with the project desired by the future partners.

The drafting of the statutes of an SCI is not a domain reserved for notaries, but Etude 352 offers its clients legal expertise which allows it to reflect upon the drafting of clauses of the statutes for example, that are adapted to a dismemberment. of property.

From a practical viewpoint, at Etude 352, the constitution of an SCI is known as a “turnkey” act: the future partners do not have to deal with any formality on their side, except for the creation of a bank account in the name of the SCI.

In addition, Etude 352 can put its clients in contact with trusted accountants, if need be.

Once the company has been incorporated, the Etude continues to support its clients throughout the life of the SCI: real estate acquisition by the SCI, contribution of real estate to the SCI, withdrawal of a partner, sale or donation of shares, sale of the property held by the SCI, distribution of the sale price between partners, etc.

Alexandra Cousin
Associate Notary
Justine Meyer
Associate Notary