Managing your assets require thinking about their future transmission to the various heirs. Helping clients anticipate this transmission is part of the notary’s role.

Etude 352 is very attentive to its clients in order to understand their wishes and to offer them the solutions best suited to their age, to the situation of their children, to the sometimes-unequal need of the latter for help, to protect one’s partner, etc. To do so, Etude benefits from many effective tools such as property dismemberment techniques, for example.

Moreover, Etude 352’s particular expertise in divorce and judicial partition cases give it a keen eye on the modes of conjugality of a second or even a third union and the position of children of previous unions.

Moreover, Etude 352 is able to support families with international assets or those residing abroad. Etude stands out in this field as it has obtained the label “Notaire pour client à l’international” (“Notary for international clients”), the Etude has an address book of foreign correspondents competent in family law and offers its clients an analysis which is adapted to their situation involving multiple countries or residences. It can also recommend lawyers specializing in international law.

Alexandra Cousin
Associate Notary
Justine Meyer
Associate Notary