Given the current context, it is not uncommon to take out a loan for an acquisition, to buy out your spouse’s share in the marital home or to finance works for your residence. As soon as the bank offers to take a guarantee on a property held by the borrower, an authentic deed is required.

The loan can be integrated into the main act of acquisition or partition, but the financing can also be the subject of a separate act.

At times, banks aren’t the ones who lend funds for a real estate or family project but a loved one. In this case, the notarial deed is only obligatory if one was to take a mortgage guarantee. However, it may be useful to use a notary to precisely define the loan conditions and the repayment terms.

Regardless of the situation, the employees and notaries of Etude 352 always take the time to discuss financing issues with their clients, in order to draft the most suitable loan deeds.