When a buyer has just found an apartment or a house and his heart is set on it, he wants the file to be settled in record time. However, as time passes, texts in terms of real estate sales turn more complex. The number of documents to be gathered in order to sign a sales agreement has increased significantly in recent years.

If you’re a seller, it is possible to contact the real estate department of Etude 352 as part of the sale process so that a file can be compiled beforehand and an appointment for the sales agreement can be quickly set, once the buyer has been found.

As a buyer, it is useful to take advantage of the period between the signing of the purchase offer and the signing of the sales agreement, to check with the specialized collaborators and notaries at Etude 352 if the project is feasible, to determine the timetable and to verify that the property in question meets all expectations.

Once the file has been launched, a pair made up of a notary and an employee is responsible for supporting the seller and/or the buyer throughout the project.